Liebherr R9100

Liebherr R9100

Liebherr R9100

Liebherr R9100 Demo-Video High Quality

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  • This backhoe hydraulic excavator is grouped in the 100 ton class. The machine is predominantly used in mining and at large-scale infrastructure construction sites. It is manufactured at the Liebherr factory in Colmar in France. A shovel model is also available.
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  • Operating Weight:
  • 108.500 kg / 239,201 lb
  • Bucket Capacity:
  • approx. 7 m³
  • Bucket Payload:
  • about 13.000 kg
  • Engine:
  • 12 cylinder diesel engine
  • Engine Power:
  • 565 kW / 757 HP
  • Dimensions:
  • length 14,5 m
    width 5,7 m
    height 6 m
  • Hydraulic tank:
  • 1000 liter
  • max. Pressure:
  • 380 bar
  • Pad width:
  • 0,5 / 0,6 / 0,75 m
  • Max. dump height:
  • 8,65 m
  • Max. digging-depth / height
  • -7 m / +13 m


RC-model Liebherr R9100 backhoe hydraulic-excavator

  • Conversion of the static model by Conrad on a scale of 1:50
  • Various color options of the operator can be selected (should these still be available)
  • Custom design upon request
  • Please inquire regarding delivery options and delivery periods

Function and Data Sheet:

The RC-R9100 is a functional model manufactured in a very sophisticated manner on a scale of 1:50 and corresponding to the original, which can do everything the large and expensive models can accomplish, including real miniature hydraulics on a scale of 1:14.5. This powerful excavator conveys the power of the electric metal gear motors via spindles in the hydraulic cylinders to the bucket and to the stick, where it can perform ideally. The motors which can be controlled proportionally like hydraulics are located inside the boom and the stick and in the upper carriage. The drive units are not visible at all. The precise movements are performed delicately and consistently as with real hydraulics. The result of power measurements resulted in nearly 2 kg thrust for the piston in stick and bucket cylinders and a weight of up to a half kg can easily be lifted. Excess load and final position shutdown has been integrated and the slewing gear features a magnetic excess load friction clutch. Compared to the static model, an improvement was realized in the crawler gear which now features moving rollers at the base of the crawler mounting and which has been equipped with a sprocket wheel and a guide wheel made from metal. Of course, the metal crawlers can be moved forwards and backwards individually featuring proportionally progressive controllable speeds. Two vehicle settings are programmed in the DX10t remote control (backhoe and drive) making it possible to control the crawlers more precisely via a joystick rather than simply via the two proportional sliders.

The basic configuration of the model features all electromechanical functions, including the slipring for endless 360° slewing.

Special features: for a surcharge a sound module and light functions are available. A speaker emulates a strong engine sound in synch with the movements, as well as a horn. We highly recommend the sound module as it drowns out the sounds made by the electric motors and generally provides the model with an overall realistic representation. A movement warning buzzer is also in this package. Light functions are 6 controllable floodlights, cabin lighting (also serve as on/off check) and a flashing movement caution lamp on the roof.
In addition, the colored figure of a driver is available to ensure that the excavator is not controlled by “invisible force“.
The model is operated by a 7.4 V Lipo battery 1000 mAh. The battery is fixedly installed in the upper structure. Optionally and for a surcharge, a 1400 mAh Lipo battery can be assembled for an extended operating period of about 3 hours. An electronic circuit ensures that the lighting (if it is on) starts blinking and a buzzer sounds when the cut-off voltage has been reached. In the following, the battery should be charged via the built-in Balancer charging socket.

Accessories: A suitable 2s Lipo battery charger with a Balancer charger cable is also available. A Spektrum DX10t remote control is used, because the special miniature receivers in all models are compatible to Spektrum. The high quality 2.4 GHz Spektrum DX10t is especially suitable as a console transmitter in functional model making featuring 18 channels, 16 open mixers and several switches; it also offers sufficient reserves for future operation of further and more complex models.

  • Electronics:
  • custom-made high-quality electronic components
    developed in co-operation with Neuhaus Electronics entwickelt
  • Receiver:
  • 2,4 Ghz 9-channel Spektrum-compatibly
  • Power supply:
  • 1000 mAh or 1400 mAh Lipo-battery 2s 7,4 V, fixedly installed, charge plug, Powerswitch, battery watch
  • RC-Functions:
  • crawlers, endless 360° slewing, boom, stick, bucket, floodlicht, excess load and final position shutdown
  • Crawler drive:
  • 2 metal gear motors, individual und proportional speed
  • Soundmodul:
  • engine sound in sync with the movements, horn (special feature)
  • Lighting:
  • 6 controllable floodlights, cabin lighting (also serve as on/off check), a flashing movement caution lamp on the roof (special feature)
  • Driver´s figure:
  • (special feature)
  • Lenght:
  • approx. 29 cm
  • Width:
  • approx. 11 cm
  • Height:
  • approx. 14 cm
  • Weight:
  • approx. 1,5 kg
  • Subject to change without notice.


ModelPrice conversion incl. modelPrice conversion excl. modelSpecial features and accessoriesSurchargeNotes
Liebherr hydraulic-excavator R9100 by Conrad€ 2410,00 € 2330,00Basic configuration Liebherr factory colors, includes all electro-mechanical functions-several options of operator livery available for surcharge
---Lighting, flashing movement caution lamp on the roof and a movement warning buzzer, soundmodule with motor sound and horn, speaker € 500,00-
---1400 mAh battery, 7,4 V lipo € 60,00 -
---painted driver's figure € 13,00 -
---Battery charger € 39,00 -
---Spektrum DX10t 2,4 GHz radio transmitter on request -
---Excavating matter Cork resin€ 18,00 /
20 litres
2-4 mm
4-25 mm
2-25 mixed grain
all prices include 20 % VAT
  • Surcharge for special requests depending on equipment and effort
  • 50% pre-payment after placing order, rest + shipping costs before delivery
  • Please observe the GTC

Delivery Contents:

  • Converted model including full mechanical and electronic system featuring a 2.4GHz receiver and battery


mandatory, but only included for a surcharge

  • a 2.4 GHz transmitter Spektrum DX10t pre-programmed for the model
  • battery charger


Cork resin of various grain is especially suitable as excavating matter. It perfectly resembles rock stockpile, yet it is light and can easily be transported. The paint of the valuable models will not be compromised and the development of dust is miniscule.

You can order this cork resin in 2-4 mm, 4 - 25 mm or 2-25 mm (custom mixed) grain size in quantities of 20 litres each via our website.

The two images show a mixed grain 2-25 mm.

Granulat2 Granulat1