Liebherr LR1750 Raupenkran

Liebherr LR1750 Raupenkran


  • This 750t lattice boom crawler crane is manufactured in Germany at the Liebherr-plant Ehingen. The transport to the job site is done with many truck loads. The boom can be erected in many different combinations up to a total height of almost 200 m. This crane is also available with a mobile undercarriage as LG1750.
  • crawler track:
  • can move under load
    Dimensions: 12m long, 10m wide, 2.3m high
    Crawling plates: 1.5 m or 2 m wide
    Central ballast: 95 t
  • Superstructure:
  • Drive: 8 cylinder Liebherr diesel engine
    Power: 544 hp
    Total height: up to approx. 200 m
    Counterweight on superstructure: up to 245 t
    Derrickballast: up to 400 t
    Total operating weight: up to more than 1000 t


Liebherr LR1750

  • Conversion of the static model from Conrad in the scale 1:50
  • Different color versions possible, if available
  • Custom made to order
  • Please ask for delivery and delivery time as well as special requests

Functions and data sheet:

  • Undercarriage:
    Crawler tracks can be moved slowly with load with 4 turas motors, proportional and sensitive control of steering of the chains independently back and forth is possible. Chain carriers can be separated from the undercarriage and used as cargo for transport vehicles.
    The Quick-Connection can still be used. Driving warning beeper (switchable) and horn. Power supply by a 7.4 V Lipo battery.
  • Superstructure:
    High-quality motor speed controllers control 6 powerful winch motors and the slewing motors proportionally and sensitively. The winches keep the load standing by an engine braking function. The slewing ring has 2 ball bearings and a slip ring for endless 360 degree panes. The pivot radius of the Derrick ballast pallet or ballast carrier can be adjusted by motors. The wheels of the ballast carrier can be steered proportionally and independently. The cabin can be swung out and tilt remotely. If necessary, the original plastic rope pulleys are partly exchanged for aluminum or brass rollers with ball bearings. Also, some plastic parts of the bracing are replaced by metal parts. There are 6 LED working lights on the superstructure. A warning light on top of the cabin lights up when driving and slewing and an aircraft warning control light on the boom top (optional). Two sound modules in the superstructure reproduce the original superstructure engine and hydraulic winch noise speed-controlled. The power is supplied by the battery in the undercarriage.
  • Engines: 18 Electric geared motors
    Power source: 7.4 V Lipo battery
    Receiver: spectrum compatible 2.4 Ghz
    Undercarriage RC functions: driving, steering
    Superstructure RC-functions: slewing and 6 winch motors, telescoping the ballast pallet or ballast carrier, steering ballast carrier wheels, swinging out crane cab and tilting, original engine and winch sound, 6 LED working lights,
    Warning lights, wind meter, aircraft warning light (optional)
  • Including electrical slip ring for 360 ° endless slewing
  • Height with lattice main boom and luffing fly jib approx. 2m
  • Optional extra equipment for an extra charge: additional lattice mast pieces, crane mats, driver's figure, air warning light and wind gauge at the boom top, warning lightning on top of the crane cab.
  • Subject to technical modifications without prior notice


ModelPrice conversion incl. ModelPrice conversion excl. ModelSpecial features and accessoriesSurchargeNotes
Liebherr LR1750 by Conradon requeston requestin full rc configuration--
---wind speed gauge, aircraft warning control light, warning light on top of the crane cab€ 130,00-
---wooden crane mats
125x20x5 mm 16 pcs
€ 35,00-
---painted driver’s figure € 13,00 -
---FrSky Taranis E (X9E) transmitter with special module „crane“on request-
---Battery chargeron request-
all prices include 20 % VAT
  • Surcharge for special requests depending on equipment and effort
  • 50% pre-payment after placing order, rest + shipping costs before delivery
  • Please observe the GTC

Delivery Contents:

  • Converted model including full mechanical and electronic system featuring a 2.4GHz receiver and battery


mandatory, but only included for a surcharge

  • pre-programmed 2.4 GHz transmitter FrSky Taranis E
  • battery charger