Liebherr 630 EC-H40

Liebherr 630 EC-H40

Liebherr 630 EC-H40 Detail 1

Liebherr 630 EC-H40 Detail 2

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  • This top-slewing tower crane can load up to 40 t and/or 5.4 t at a max. radius of 81 m. It is manufactured in the German Liebherr factory in Biberach.
  • It can grow alongside the height of a building due to a climbing equipment. How this is done you can see in these YouTube videos: link + link. This can be done in the same way with the rc model.
  • The jib can be assembled to variable lengths. The crane may also be mounted to a rail system if needed.
  • Driving units: 4 electric motors
    Power: main winch: 65 kW
    slewing motors: 2 x 11 kW
    trolley winch: 11 kW


RC-model Liebherr 630EC-H40 tower crane

  • Conversion of the static model by Conrad on a scale of 1:50
  • Custom design upon request
  • Please inquire regarding delivery options and delivery periods

Functions and Data Sheet:

  • For this tower crane with very little installation space we developed a special micro electronic board in collaboration with Neuhaus-Electronics.
  • A new developed high quality multifunctional electronic speed controller operates the hoist winch, crane trolley, slewing gear and climbing equipment (optional add-on package, including the motors for inserting the tower sections) delicately and proportionally.
  • The motion of the crane trolley is restricted by limit switches. The gaps in the jib rails of the static model are closed with special bolts. The crane can be operated in 2-fall mode and in 4-fall mode. In the latter case, the crossbeam with the hook tends to slant during operation. The trolley winch is operated by a small rugged motor, optically according to the original, and runs with two pre-selectable speed stages. Four pulleys for the rope are mounted on the boom.
  • The hoist gear winch runs with three pre-selectable speed stages. It can hold a load at a standstill, through a programmed brake function.
  • The slewing ring is completely redesigned, it has two ball bearings and a sprocket and 2 metal drive gears that are driven by two electric motors. A friction clutch prevents damage to the gear in case of overload. The motors for the winches and the slewing gear are designed and color-adjusted to match the original appearance.
  • Power is supplied by a 5 V power supply. The cable of the power supply and all the control lines are guided through the slewing ring center, through a 12-pin electrical slip ring for endless 360 degree slewing.
  • For a surcharge an add-on package "climbing equipment" is available, with numerous improvements compared to the static model: full rc-functional climbing equipment for automatic remote controlled up and down climbing of the crane (only the bolts in the tower sections need to be inserted by hand, but it is a special tweezers supplied); Climbing frame with a second, upper service balcony and a connecting ladder to the lower balcony; demountable cross arm on the slewing platform for the automatic pivoting of the tower sections into the climbing frame (a suitable Phillips screwdriver for mounting is provided); prototypically divided and permanently mounted ladders in the tower sections (can therefore be used both as a truck load and as tower sections for climbing); Hook traverse for automatic fastening of tower sections for the climbing process; new, gray, swirl-free hoist rope; four trolley wheels with spokes; safety device for the ballast on the counter-jib, so that less ballast plates are securely held when used with short boom variants; 4 aircraft warning lights that flash irregularly.
  • For a surcharge 4 very bright construction lights pointed to the ground in a slanted fashion can be attached to the tower section under the climbing structure and the cab can be equipped with interior lighting and a crane operator figure. Further lighting options are available upon request.
  • For a surcharge an add-on package "Driving on rails" is available. Four small electric motors replace the dummy motors on the static model and slowly move the crane back and forth on extended rails. In this case, the power supply cable is automatically rolled up or unrolled on a drum according to the movement. A second automatic cable drum ensures the length adjustment of the vertical supply cable during climbing.
  • For a surcharge, the plastic central ballast panels can be replaced by cast metal plates, which increases the stability of the model.
  • For a surcharge two self-luminous advertising signs with custom made logo on counter-jib are available.
  • Due the modular design it is possible to build the crane in different jib lengths and tower heights. It can be adapted therefore to constricted room.
  • drive motors (in full configuration): 13 DC electric motors
    servos: 2 micro servos at the climbing frame (add-on package „climbing equipment“)
    powersupply: 5 V
    receivers (in full configuration): 2 receivers, Spektrum compatible 2,4 GHz, 14 channels
    RC-functions (in full configuration): 16: slewing, hoist winch in 3 different speeds, trolley winch in 2 different speeds;
    fully functional rc-climbing device with climbing cylinder and support traverse (both can be swiveled in), motors for automatic pivoting of the tower sections into the climbing frame, traveling on rails, 2 automatic cable drums, 3 switchable lighting functions
    lighting (in full configuration): optional: 4 LED- construction lights, cab interior lighting, 4 aircraft warning lights, 2 self-luminous promotional signs with custom made logo on counter-jib
    height: max. 2 m, can be lower, minimal 73 cm
    width inclusive counter jib: max. 2,20 m, can be shorter, minimal 1,10 m
  • technical alterations without prior notice subject to change


Sold out, discontinued!
ModelPrice conversion incl. ModelPrice conversion excl. ModelSpecial features and accessoriesSurchargeNotes
Liebherr 630 EC-H40 by Conradfrom € 2.200,00from € 1.900,00 basic version with RC hoist and trolley winch, slewing gear-Liebherr livery
---add-on package „climbing equipment “: fully rc-functional climbing equipment + upper mounting balcony with ladder + 4 asynchronous aircraft warning lights + 4 spoked wheels for trolley + many other improvements compared to the static model € 1200,00 -
---4 construction lights € 68,00 -
---painted driver’s figur + cab interior lighting € 35,00 -
---2 self-luminous promotional signs with custom made logo on counter-jib on request -
---add-on package „Driving on rails“on request-
---Cast metal central ballast panelson request-
---Spektrum DX10t or DX6 transmitteron request-
all prices include 20 % VAT
  • Surcharge for special requests depending on equipment and effort
  • 50% pre-payment after placing order, rest + shipping costs before delivery
  • Please observe the GTC

Delivery Contents:

  • Converted model including full mechanical and electronic system featuring a 2.4GHz receiver and power supply


mandatory, but only included for a surcharge

  • pre-programmed 2.4 GHz 6-channel transmitter Spektrum DX6 (minimum requirement without add-on packages), however you need a higher quality Spektrum DX10 transmitter for the add-on packages