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Take your model out of the display case and let it come to life!

Model-Manufacture for conversion of static-models to radio-controlled high-end functional models

  • construction machinery, mining, cranes, heavy haulage, trucks, fire engine ...

  • high quality 1:50 models with radio controlled functions
  • depending on the model e.g.: with steering, electric drive-motors, real or mechanical miniature-hydraulics, lighting system, sound etc.
  • exclusive single-piece work, handcrafted, limited edition with individual collectors card
  • custom design upon request, depending on order situation. we are pleased to make an offer
  • we are happy to convert models provided by the customer

Why 1:50 rc-functional-models by HK-Funktionsmodellbau?

  • There are so many fantastic detailed static models in scale 1:50 waiting to move.
  • You can move this small rc-models on your breakfast table or later in the office on your desk.
  • It is very recreative in a break. The boss does it too. And if not, give him a try.
  • For all those, who want to own an unusual model, no one other owns.
  • Functional models are excellent for demonstration in trade fairs as well as many other areas
  • As a special customer present
  • For your customer product presentation, when the real machine is too big to display
  • An eyecatcher in your foyer, in your display case, shop-window, exhibition
  • For collectors an unique model and a surprise when it comes to life in the diorama
  • For hobby-model-builders, who don't have the time or machinery to build their own rc-functional-models
  • Simply for all persons, who like to work and play with rc-models, but don’t have enough room for heavy and big models in scale 1:14,5.

Our 1:50 rc-models are precise conversions, with smooth and sensitive proportional movements, just as realistic as the original machine. Technics and electronics hide inside the models, we do not alter the original shape of the model. On our website you will not find excavator buckets twitching back and forth, driven by bulky servos with cable. And no hectically jerking construction machines and racing bulldozers and trucks, as you can see in some videos in www.